Getting to know me...

One of my favourite blog features last year was "Maker of the Month" where I interviewed lots of looovely designer makers and got a little insight into what life was like for them both inside and outside of their creative work.

I thought maybe it was time I told you guys a little something about myself, so here goes...

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jen Warman and I run a textile design business called Jen Moules Designs.

Wait, what's with the name?

Moules is my maiden name, I got married 3 years ago and decided not to change my company name. Moules is pretty unusual so I kept it. 

What kind of work do you do?

I design textile prints using my original illustrations. I have these designs digitally printed onto fabric, so I can then make accessories such as purses, pencil cases and cosmetic bags.

All Jen Moules Designs products are designed and sewn by little old me. 

Where did you grow up and go to university?

I grew up in Somerset, England in a small country village, beautiful but very boring. In between A levels and a fashion design course I subsequently dropped out of I had a string of very uninteresting jobs until I finally decided to go to the Arts University College at Bournemouth in 2008 to study textile design and have never looked back!

When and why did you set up your business?

I set up July 2011 as soon as I graduated from university. I always knew I wanted to work for myself, design without restriction and make my own schedule. Knowing that I can be super organised (to do lists and making myself daily schedules are literally heaven!) I was confident I had the motivation to make this work.

Where do you live and work?

I currently live in Neukolln an area of Berlin, Germany. I live in a top floor apartment with my husband and have set up a home studio/work space just off the living room tucked away and out of sight. It's a great little space adjacent to our roof terrace - perfect for when summer rolls around.

What do you do when you're not working?

I actually also work as a dog walker and pet sitter. I started late last year simply because I miss my cat baby sooooo much (he's living in England with my Mum) and it's stuck. I love to break up my work day with a visit to a fur baby or a refreshing walk with an adorable pup.

Our weekends are usually spent with friends drinking beer and going to concerts - there's always something to do and somewhere new to go! We also often wonder around the many flea markets on the weekends, I do love looking at old tat! ;-)

Are you working on any new projects?

I recently joined the Etsy Berlin Street Team and am helping organise the Etsy summer pop up shop. It'll be a bit of steep learning curve but a great way to contribute and meet lots of lovely fellow creatives.

What are some of your favourite things...

Baking, going for long walks, murder mysteries, cats, drawing and Instagram

And some of your least favourite things...

Having my photo taken (that's why you won't find many), learning German - it's a grammatical nightmare and being stuck inside all day.

Any wishes for the future?

I'd love to one day own a fancy camera and know how to use it. 

Learn to and enjoy gardening - I must have it in me!?

Do a ceramics course, something I've wanted to do for ages. I plan to fill our home with various wonky bowls and animal figurines. 

That's it I guess. If you have any questions about me or my work feel free to send me a message :-) 







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