Jen Moules Textile Design Blog 2015-05-28T08:40:21+01:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Jen Moules <![CDATA[Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses]]> 2015-05-19T17:15:00+01:00 2015-05-19T17:15:00+01:00 Jen Moules This weekend is the last weekend of the fabulous Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses and I will be on hand to help out at Sixes and Sevens on Saturday and Sunday. Artists Open Houses is the best way to scout out the local creative talent and snap up some truly unique and hand crafted goods. So take some time out this bank holiday weekend and come see us! For more info on what&#39;s on go the Artists Open House website or take a look at the Brighton Etsy team trail for all your Etsy favourites! See you there :) <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-05-18T15:00:00+01:00 2015-05-18T15:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules &nbsp; 1) DesignLoveFest 2) The Purl Bee 3) Andrea Villeneuve 4) Plascon Trends 5) Aino-Maija Metsola &nbsp; <![CDATA[Monthly Make - How to Reupholster a Chair]]> 2015-05-14T14:15:00+01:00 2015-05-14T14:15:00+01:00 Jen Moules Welcome to my new feature - Monthly Make! I thought it be nice to share with you guys the crafty goings on, both work and non work related. So keep your eyes peeled for future projects which could include anything from dress making, jewellery, favourite recipes and more. But today I&#39;m starting with a biggy -&nbsp; my recent upholstery project! Some of you may have seen some sneaky peeks on Instagram and Twitter but here&#39;s a little run down of the processes I used and my&nbsp; tips to help anyone thinking of starting their own project. This was my first big upholstery job so I will admit it was a steep learning curve but here goes... How to Reupholster a Tub Chair Whether it&#39;s a chair, stool, sofa, whatever the first thing you need to do is look at it and I mean really LOOK! Examine the fabric, the padding, the wood work, turn it upside down and have a good snoop around and consider the following - 1) The padding - will this need to be replaced? 2)Wood work - Is this damaged? Does anything need painting or varnishing? Should I replace the castors? This will give you some indication of the materials and tools you&#39;ll need for the job. To reupholster my chair I used a multi tool ( I was sceptical when my husband bought me this but it has proved to be super useful!), tacks, upholstery thread, an upholster needle and of course fabric. Next using a marker pen label the fabric of the chair with the section it corresponds too - e.g. Inside back, Inside Right Side, Outside Back, etc. This is so once the fabric is removed you know which pattern piece goes where. Now get stuck in and strip it!&nbsp; I advise to do this outside if possible because it is a filthy job. I even chose to wear a mask because my allergies were going crazy from all the dust, dirt and fluff. Once it&#39;s stripped&nbsp; use the fabric sections to work out how much new fabric you&#39;ll need ( I used about 3 and half metres) and also use them as a template - REMEMBER to include a 1cm seam allowance around each pattern piece! Every project will be a little different but using the new pattern pieces sew the sections together. I had 4 sections - the seat, 2 arms and the main body of the chair. You may need to alter the seams slightly to get a tight fight so there is a little trail and error - it took 3 tries for me but was essential to have a snug fit! Pull the fabric sections onto the chair and using tacks hammer the fabric to the underside of the chair. Always starting in the middle and working outwards to ensure a tight and accurate fit. Once the main section and the seat were in place I could add the arms. I pinned these in place and hand stitched them using an upholstery needle and some much needed elbow grease! Finally replace the fabric from the underside of the chair. It doesn&#39;t need to be the same as your other material as it&#39;s not going to be seen. I used a natural linen on the bottom which hid the tacks and finished off the piece. And here&#39;s the finished article - love it! I hope this has inspired you to start your own project and give that old piece of furniture a new lease of life! <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-05-11T07:00:00+01:00 2015-05-11T07:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) Alex Proba 2) DesignLoveFest 3) Alex Proba 4) Shin - bijutsukai 5) Dikla Levsky Designs &nbsp; &nbsp; <![CDATA[Maker of the Month - Cat's Ceramics]]> 2015-05-06T15:00:00+01:00 2015-05-06T15:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules My second Maker of the Month (yes, that&#39;s right May is a double wammy of crafty loveliness)&nbsp; is Cat&#39;s Ceramics. I&#39;ve been familiar with Cat&#39;s work for some time and finally had the pleasure of working with her last year at Peanut Butter Tree Arts as part of Brighton and Hove&#39;s Artists Open Houses. This year we&#39;re teaming up again for the Sixes and Sevens Open House. One of three Cat is exhibiting this year! Here&#39;s a little something about Cat&#39;s Ceramics... Tell us about yourself and your business, what do you do? Well, I&rsquo;m Cat Brown and I make hand built ceramic objects for the discernible lover of beauty and intrigue ;) All my work is created by hand without moulds or a wheel I hope to inject a dollop of the unique and perfectly imperfect into every one of my pieces. What inspires your work? I am infuriately inspired by everything! Anything can literally pop into my head and get my juices flowing for a new piece. I have hundreds of scribbly notes of ideas and seeds for new concepts, but a constant source of inspiration is the country side and natural beauty of nature. A lot of my work features imprints of plants and flowers that I find whilst out walking and pretty much everything I make is concerning natural elements like the sea and coast line, trees, animals and plants. I&rsquo;m always concerned about nature and the impact of us humans on the planet and try to use eco friendlier alternatives and processes within my business and artwork. My packaging is made from recycled paper, I choose glazes that are less harmful to the environment and reduce waste and recycle everything I can. The use of recycled glass has become somewhat of a signature in my pieces and a recycling /eco element is always something I try to put into my pieces. Where do you work? Describe your work space My studio is in the spare room of the house. It&rsquo;s a good size to make a mess in and it&rsquo;s my own little bit of sanctuary. I use to have an outside studio in the garden and trying to make in the middle of winter with freezing cold wet clay it not the nicest way to do things. I appreciate being inside the house now, I love going in switching on the radio and spending the day playing with clay. It&rsquo;s a little bit of bliss! What do you love about your job? I love being self-employed and being my own boss.I feel privileged to be doing something I&rsquo;m passionate about for a living and it makes me happy spreading a little bit of happiness with what I do even if it is in a very small way. I still get giddy when someone buys a piece of my work knowing that it means something to them. It&rsquo;s like a little connection between people. Something that&rsquo;s very pure and positive. I sound a bit &lsquo;hippy&rsquo; about it but it means a lot to me. When you&rsquo;re not working, how do you spend your free time? Being self-employed and studying for my degree (Art History, don&rsquo;t you know), sometimes I don&rsquo;t get a lot of free time but when I can I like getting outside, going walking and exploring, finding inspiration by being in nature. I&rsquo;m usually hanging with my furry brood of animals including four rabbits and two cats. They&rsquo;re such a blast to be around, I love my animals. What are you currently working on? It must be a spring thing as I&rsquo;ve recently become a bit obsessed with birds, eggs and nests. My newest piece is these cute nests &lsquo;Made From Love&rsquo;. I&rsquo;ve been studying the different types of eggs and their patterns and shading, seeing how I can replicate them in glazes. I often have what feels like a billion new ideas on the go at once and I&rsquo;m making some more new pieces but these are ready to be shown..yet! Any projects or events coming up that you&rsquo;d like to share with us? I&rsquo;m exhibiting as part of Artists Open House in Brighton and Hove this May.I always enjoying being part of Open Houses, its great working with lots of amazing local artists and my pieces tend to work well displayed in a home setting. It&rsquo;s fabulous the talent around and it&rsquo;s an innovating way of exhibiting in people&rsquo;s house. You can find my work at Sixes &amp; Sevens in Hove (as well as Jen Moules!), The Cicada House and Angela Harrison in Fiveways. Who are your designer favourites? I don&rsquo;t keep up to date with popular contemporary ceramicists or designers and I&rsquo;m sure there&rsquo;s loads of great makers that I&rsquo;m missing out on but I prefer the work of people that I know and I&rsquo;ve been lucky enough to have met lots of wonderful artists and designers through the work that I&rsquo;ve done. There are too many to single anyone out but I like art and designs that are quirky, different with a touch of fun. Finally, any advice for those budding designer makers out there? Oh it&rsquo;s hard to say but I&rsquo;d recommend being determined, if you want something really go for it. Whatever it is, if you put in the hard graft it will pay off. Remember to stay true to yourself too, do what you feel is best and make whatever it is you want to make. Don&rsquo;t fall into the trap (and I can do this myself sometimes) of making things you think you should make or making things you think people want, as it&rsquo;s ultimately about making for you, for you to express what it is inside you. Don&rsquo;t worry about pleasing everyone instead focus on pleasing those that really connect with what you&rsquo;re making. To find out more about Cat&#39;s Ceramics here are some handy links - &nbsp; &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-05-04T08:45:00+01:00 2015-05-04T08:45:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) DesignLoveFest 2) Jessica Das 3) Unknown 4) Side Effects Prints 5) Jess Koppel <![CDATA[Maker of the Month - Sophie Court Designs]]> 2015-05-01T07:45:00+01:00 2015-05-01T07:45:00+01:00 Jen Moules OK, so this month I&#39;m cheating a little bit and having TWO Maker&#39;s of the month. First up is Sophie Court Designs. I met Sophie last year at a very wet and very windy Festival of Living Crafts at Hatfield House and loved her quirky jewellery and gifts! Here&#39;s a little something about Sophie... &nbsp; Tell us about yourself and your business, what do you do? I am 25 and a jeweller, but recently been dabbling in some &ldquo;arty&rdquo; pieces using similar patterns and shapes that I use in my jewellery. &nbsp; What inspires your work? Nature is a major inspiration but I now work with Japanese Chiyogami papers so this is an inspiration too. I make what I want to make but a lot of pieces I make are inspired by my customers, they give me ideas and inspire me to make their suggestions. &nbsp; Where do you work? Describe your work space. I work in my parents top bedroom which looks over a huge field. Its a great space with a fabulous view! What do you love about your job? Everything! I love designing, making and selling. I get so excited when I find a new paper to use in my work or when I come up with an exciting new design. &nbsp; When you&rsquo;re not working, how do you spend your free time? I love meeting friends at the pub and taking my fluffy puppy for country walks What are you currently working on? My 2015 collection ready to be launched at BCTF in April. I am also working on a new children&rsquo;s collection which is going into a new shop in my hometown. Any projects or events coming up that you&rsquo;d like to share with us? I am going to be a part of Oxfordshire Art week with the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and also Bucks Open Studios where I will be demonstrating my work at Obsidian Art in Stoke Manderville. &nbsp; Who are your designer favourites? I love the work by Lucy Jade Sylvester and Alex Monroe, even though they are very different to my work. I also love the photographer Tim Walker. Finally, any advice for those budding designer makers out there? Get out there and do it, there is nothing more rewarding then making and selling your own product. Being your own boss can be hard but totally worth doing! To find out more about Sophie Court Designs here are some handy links - Facebook Twitter <![CDATA[Leggings from Society6]]> 2015-04-30T16:30:00+01:00 2015-04-30T16:30:00+01:00 Jen Moules My designs have been available from Society6 for some time now and they have an amazing range of products such as mugs, cushions, t-shirts, shower curtains and bedding to name a few. But behold - LEGGINGS! I was super excited to discover Society6 now offer a range of leggings. Not sure my life is complete without badger leggings, what do you think?! &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-04-27T07:45:00+01:00 2015-04-27T07:45:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) Animal Pictures 2) Junzo Terada 3) Unknown <![CDATA[Brighton & Hove Artist's Open Houses]]> 2015-04-25T08:30:00+01:00 2015-04-25T08:30:00+01:00 Jen Moules I&#39;m very excited to be taking part in the Brighton &amp; Hove Artists Open House again this year. My work is going to be exhibited at Sixes and Sevens in the Seven Dials Trail every weekend in May along with lots of other artists and makers including - Clare Harms Jonathan Harms Paula Black Cat Brown Clair Boubli Serena Sussex Helen D Moore Claire Jones Bonkers Buttons The Artists Open House is a great opportunity to browse the local creative talent, shop and of course have a good snoop ;-) &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-04-20T07:30:00+01:00 2015-04-20T07:30:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) Mica Peet 2) I Drew This 3) Little Birdy 4) Alice Perry 5) House Lars Built <![CDATA[Drawing Workshop with Jen Moules]]> 2015-04-17T17:00:00+01:00 2015-04-17T17:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules OK. So here&#39;s the details on my upcoming Drawing Workshop - This workshop is perfect for beginners and allows you to explore a range of drawing techniques such as continuous contour line drawing, drawing with your less dominant hand (a personal fav!), drawing with wire and collage work. It&#39;s a fun and supportive environment so feel free to come alone or with a friend. ALL materials are provided for the workshop so you only need to bring yourself! Refreshments will also be served. &nbsp; I&#39;m holding this workshop at the following venue - The Sorting Office, 37 Wells Road, Eastleigh, SO50 5FY Saturday 20th June 2015 10am - 13pm Saturday 20th June 2015 14pm - 17pm &nbsp; &pound;25 per person for 3 hour workshop &pound;40 per person for full day workshop (Full day workshop will be held from 10am to 17pm with a 1 hour lunch break). *Lunch is not included but there are lots of places to grab lunch near by*. &nbsp; Learn some new skills, brush up on old ones and get creative! Please email me for more information or to book your place. <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-04-13T07:30:00+01:00 2015-04-13T07:30:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) Jujujust 2) A Poster a Day 3) Ella Gardner 4) Serax 5) Goawaycomback <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-04-06T08:00:00+01:00 2015-04-06T08:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) DesignLoveFest 2) Mosessa Preisenberger 3) Clashing 4) Kisshions - Design Sponge 5) JuJuJust <![CDATA[Easter Sale]]> 2015-04-01T08:00:00+01:00 2015-04-01T08:00:00+01:00 Jen Moules As if pay day and a 4 day weekend wasn&#39;t enough to make you smile you can now get 25% of EVERYTHING in my Etsy store. Just use the coupon code: Easter15 at the checkout to receive your discount and happy shopping :) &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-03-30T07:45:00+01:00 2015-03-30T07:45:00+01:00 Jen Moules 1) Baba Souk 2) Anthropologie 3) Mindy Shapero 4) Indigo Crossing <![CDATA[Maker of the Month - Mica Peet]]> 2015-03-27T07:15:00+00:00 2015-03-27T07:15:00+00:00 Jen Moules Say hello to April&#39;s (yes I know I&#39;m a bit early!) Maker of the Month - Mica Peet. I first came across Mica&#39;s work last year and couldn&#39;t get enough of her quirky art deco inspired jewellery - so so good! She&#39;s a very successful up and comer in the design world and has lots of exciting new ventures planned so she&#39;s definitely one to watch! Here&#39;s a little something about Mica Peet... Tell us about yourself and your business, what do you do? Hello, I am an illustrator &amp; designer based in Southsea, Hampshire. I graduated from Somerset College with a degree in Fashion Textiles nearly 2 years ago. This is where my little business began. I started making my patterned animal jewellery when we had to create a product to sell in a pop up shop to raise money for degree shows in London. I never thought back then that those pieces of jewellery would be the basis of my own business. &nbsp;What inspires your work? My design aesthetic consists of juxtaposing my love of the beautiful natural world with an edgier, modern and idiosyncratic design aesthetic. I absolutely adore wildlife, especially birds &amp; I love creating really detailed and abstract imagery that is full of energy yet that is confined and controlled into a literal shape inspired by animals. I also love Art Deco design, which has been hugely influential when creating my geometric jewellery collection. Where do you work? Describe your workspace. I moved back home with my parents after Uni so I am still in the bedroom studio stage of my business, but I have a beautiful view out of my window and even though we live in the middle of the city there is a family of foxes, along with squirrels &amp; lots of birds so it is a pretty lovely work space. I am hoping to move to Brighton soon though as I absolutely love it there, I do lots of markets as there is so many more creative opportunities &amp; I have met some super lovely people there whilst doing monthly markets last year. What do you love about your job? I love the freedom of being self employed, even though it is very hard work &amp; you have to be very disciplined in managing your time so that you get everything done, it&rsquo;s such a lovely feeling being able to fit work around your lifestyle. It&rsquo;s also such a satisfying and proud feeling knowing that people want to buy your stuff, I still get overly excited when I hear the Etsy Cha-Ching, I feel very lucky to be able to say that this is my full time job. I also love doing markets its one of my favourite parts, it&rsquo;s such a good way to keep motivated &amp; you meet so many lovely fellow makers &amp; customers. When you&rsquo;re not working, how do you spend your free time? I am normally on the beach with my beautiful little dog Reg or car booting, and I probably spend too much time watching The Big Bang Theory whilst on Pinterest, though I suppose technically that is work right?&nbsp; What are you currently working on? I have recently got back into illustrating, which sadly got neglected in the last 6 months of Christmas craziness and I had forgotten how much I love it. I am using these new prints on some exciting new products including bags &amp; hopefully a clothing line soon, I did my degree in Fashion Textiles so I really want to get back into working with textiles again. I also have some new animal &amp; geometric jewellery designs launching soon including a new range featuring my new illustrations. Any projects or events coming up that you&rsquo;d like to share with us? I will hopefully be back at Crafty Fox Market in April &amp; I have a very exciting project coming up but it is still super secret at the moment *sorry*. But I cannot wait to share it, as it is one of the most exciting things to happen to my little business. Who are your designer favourites? I love anything illustrated based especially if It involves birds or animals, one of my favourite artists is Caleigh Illerburn, I really love her beautiful &amp; unique illustrations &amp; a set of her amazing hand painted Russian doll owls are top of my wish list! I also absolutely adore the brand Little Birdy, she is a super talented ceramicist who creates beautifully quirky ceramic animals, I bought 2 of her lovely badgerines as a present to myself after Renegade! Finally, any advice for those budding designer makers out there? Work hard for what you love and your time and dedication will pay off in the end.&nbsp; It takes a lot of time to become established and to start making regular and consistent sales, and it can be very demoralising to start with but embrace every opportunity you can and it will happen. But I think my biggest piece of advice is to not compare yourself to other makers &amp; designers, especially to those&nbsp;who have been&nbsp;doing it for years, I know it is very hard and I am guilty of it myself but just leaves you feeling negative and will hold you back, just be true to yourself &amp; remember that those people with 1000&rsquo;s of sales on Etsy and tonnes of Social Media followers were once in your position thinking exactly the same. &nbsp; To find out more about Mice Peet here are some handy links - <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-03-23T15:30:00+00:00 2015-03-23T15:30:00+00:00 Jen Moules 1) Weddingsparrow - Segerius-Bruce (Photography) and Tiffany Grant-Riley (Stylist). 2) Pattern Prints Journal 3) Ashley Goldberg 4) ZsaZsa Bellagio 5) Katy Smail <![CDATA[Back from Berlin]]> 2015-03-20T08:15:00+00:00 2015-03-20T08:15:00+00:00 Jen Moules OK, this week I was enjoying a much needed break and took a trip to Berlin - amazing! Needless to say I am battling some holiday blues but am cracking on with my plans for the year. You may have heard rumblings about me hosting some drawing workshops this year and I am happy to say this will be going ahead and have booked my venue for Southampton in June and am currently arranging a venue in Brighton too. These workshops are aimed at beginners and will include a fun mix of drawing and collage techniques - sketching a bowl of fruit for hours this is not! I will of course fill you in on all the details when everything&#39;s finalised but in the mean time please feel free to drop me a line with any questions and I can add you to my mailing list! &nbsp; &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-03-09T07:45:00+00:00 2015-03-09T07:45:00+00:00 Jen Moules 1) A Well Traveled Woman 2) Unknown 3) Akimasa Harrada 4) Confessions of a Design Geek 5) Confessions of a Design Geek <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-03-02T08:45:00+00:00 2015-03-02T08:45:00+00:00 Jen Moules 1) Little Birdy 2) Pink Sherbert Photography 3) Rosie Cook 4) Accessorize photo by Print &amp; Pattern 5) Jen Moules Designs 6) Brandon Kidd Photography <![CDATA[Maker of the Month - I Drew This]]> 2015-02-27T08:30:00+00:00 2015-02-27T08:30:00+00:00 Jen Moules This month&#39;s maker of choice is Ilona Drew the creative talent behind I Drew This. I met Ilona last year at the Fairy Tale Fair and fell in love with her work. Ilona has had lots of success in the commercial greeting card market and now works freelance producing her unique illustrations which were recently spotted in the Paperchase no less! &nbsp; Here&#39;s a little about Ilona... Tell us about yourself and your business, what do you do? I am a crazy whirling freelance illustrator/designer and publisher of I Drew This greeting cards and prints. What inspires your work? Children, nature, animals, fashion, Brighton, architecture, characters. Where do you work? Describe your work space. I have a desk space in a co-operative studio in the heart of Brighton, above the Laines, its great in the summer when all the sounds come flooding through the windows. What do you love about your job? That I can choose what I want to explore and what I create people love. When you&rsquo;re not working, how do you spend your free time? I love dancing and music...and eating...and rummaging at car boot sales. What are you currently working on? I am working on some new designs for I Drew This and I have had a fab reaction to my latest print, a colourful take on Brighton Pavilion so tomorrow am going to start my version of the recently renovated bandstand. Any projects or events coming up that you&rsquo;d like to share with us? I will be at The Fairy Tale Fair in Patcham on the 14th March and the Open Market in Brighton on the 29th March. Who are your designer favourites? Marc Boutavant, I love instagram too and recently fell in love with the work of little birdy and Koralie. Finally, any advice for those budding designer makers out there? Have a plan. &nbsp; To find out more about I Drew This here are some handy links - &nbsp; &nbsp; <![CDATA[Colour Combo Monday]]> 2015-02-23T17:45:00+00:00 2015-02-23T17:45:00+00:00 Jen Moules 1) Anthropologie 2) Unknown 3) Ocalf-53 4) Little Birdy 5) Mihai Dulu <![CDATA[Printed & Co]]> 2015-02-19T15:30:00+00:00 2015-02-19T15:30:00+00:00 Jen Moules Very excited to announce I am part of the newly launched Printed &amp; Co team! Printed &amp; Co is the sister company of BeFab Be Creative and is a curated collection of textiles designed by a small hand picked collection of designers. Launched last week at the Kalopsia Gallery the exhibition is running until the 9th of March so if you&#39;re near Edinburgh it&#39;s well worth a look! Sadly being in Southampton it&#39;s a little out of reach for me *sigh*. Printed &amp; Co really is one of the best places to buy unique and GORGEOUS fabrics so take a look at what&#39;s on offer. <![CDATA[Mother's Day Gift Guide]]> 2015-02-18T15:45:00+00:00 2015-02-18T15:45:00+00:00 Jen Moules 1) Cool Natural Jewelry 2) Kate Broughton 3) Baskakova 4) OH NO Rachio 5) Choc on Choc 6) Barruntando